Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shambolic - The sad case of Sambo

Shambo has been sentenced to death. The sacred Hindu cow was diagnosed with bovine TB and under UK law must be put down to prevent the infection from spreading. It seems ridiculous to me that the government cannot ship Shambo out to India to give him a reprieve from execution and thus not offending the Hindu gods. Maybe the flooding in England will start running red with blood if this sacred beast is killed.

There should be some sort of compromise, I mean this cow is isolated from the surrounding area really and there is no contact with other cows. Why do they have to put him down? Just ship him to India, but the government in all its heavy handedness always knows best and must be obeyed.

The government really does not have any respect for anything these days whether it be freedom, liberty, or religion. Hindu cows are slaughtered, Muslims are locked up, people are being fingerprinted and retina scanned in our airports.

Poor Shambo, he really is a true representation and symbol of life. Sacrificed just like our way of life by a government bent on total control.

See Shambo here

In earlier days sacrifice was meant to bring people closer to the nature around us but this slaughter devoid of any religious implications is set to destroy our link to society at all, like Margret thatcher claiming there is no such thing as society. This is not just the death of Shambo but of England itself...

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