Sunday, 16 September 2007

Arrived at last

Well I have been in Holland for the last 2 weeks now. Strange being in a place but without any set abode which to call home. Home at the moment is a Hotel, it is a magic hotel as when ever I have a shower and use the towels the hotel provides, they are magically cleaned the next day!!

It all sounds very exotic moving to a place and staying in a hotel for work, but the novelty soon wears a bit thing. You can't cook in a hotel, you are constantly eating out in restaurants or buying pre-cooked food in supermarkets. A real annoyance.

Taking about annoyances the Dutch estate agents are consummate professionals at being able to annoy newcomers, with their bizarre work practices. I will never criticise an English estate agent again. Strangely it isn't just the British that seem to be frustrated at the customs of Dutch estate agents, Romanians, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, South Africans and Bulgarians - probably in fact the whole of the European Union other than Holland think that Dutch Estate Agents suck.

They want money from you as soon as you walk through the front door and that is really only so they can talk to you or show you some properties. This is usually about 50 euros. Consider if you are desperate to find a property and you register at a few agents. You will have already thrown away 150 euros on piss all.

An interesting example illustrates the stupid situation in Holland were the estate agents really do squat on your behalf and in reality the landowner is king. I saw a nice apartment that I wished to move into and so wanting to show my commitment to moving into the property I signed the contract as soon as I saw the house. The contract is binding on my behalf, but not on the behalf of the owner. A few hours later I got a phone call saying that the owner had gone with the other prospective clients who signed a contract after me. It is clearly unfair and potentially discriminatory. If you are a Muslim, black or a Jew or even single, you are stuffed!

The Dutch seem to be make up for these negative aspects by being good in other departments. Their women for example are really tall and elegant looking. And frustratingly(embarrassingly so) very fashionable. I am woefully unfashionable at the moment, just marginally so in the UK but now it is shouting out....BUY NEW CLOTHES YOU TRAMP!!!!

Well have to get an apartment first and get paid as well, so it is still scruffy little Brit abroad still.

I have a thing or so to say about ex-pats but I will leave that to another time...

Sunday, 19 August 2007

absent friends

Haven´t been around, life is hectic at the moment. blogging is a strange game seems to come at you like a shark attack in deep water and then turning away in the last instant leaves you bewildered. Apparently most blogs end in the first couple of weeks so I feel that I am still doing alright, consider I am moving country and all.

Some advice if you are considering moving country don´t have a haphazard way of doing things like me and leave everything until the last moment. it is a real pain but at least I have the consolation of going to a nice hotel room for the first month, rent free...Hotel rooms are not great having stayed in a few for previous work and all. i think it is just the work aspect that detracts from the overall good feeling of being in a hotel and/or normally the shitty locations that these hotels are situated in.

Feel a bit angry right now as i was on an expat forum reading threads about holland and all these UK based do´ gooder wanting to close down these coffee shops. FUCK you you bastards...
un-satiated with screwing up their own country they are moving like a swarm of locusts to the next nearest field to wreck havoc. Wha is wrong with these people. I promise to be the perfect immgrant...whatever that is.

Anyway due to shortage of internet I don´t know when I will get to write again, so hopefully I will have a lot of pent up anger at that stage to write about.

Rerading the news today it seems that Russia is wrattling its sword again. I resurgent Russia!! WOOHOO wonder what that will mean. At least during the cold war they said that the west was the example, the land of free. I wonder if it will be like this in the future round.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Governments at their worst...

If you ever wondered how low the government can go watch this

Foot in mouth on behalf of government

It seems that the recent outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in England was due to at best incompetance on behalf of the Pirbright government facility and at worst a deliberate case of bio-terrorism by the said facility and American vaccine maker Merial Animal Health. Already high ranking officials are starting make rumbling noises about a possible leak due to 'animal rights' activists. But how an activist could get access and clearence to a level 4 bio-weapons facility that also houses anthrax and ebola and is protected by armed guards of the Ministry of Defence Police and the Military Provost Guard Service is unclear.

Why would an activist want to kill millions of cows it just does not add up. Who gains to benifit from a new outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease? Meriel Animal Health would certainly benifit from a renewed rush of vaccinations in this new debarcle.

Interesting to note that immediately before the this latest outbreak was made public a drill was taking place at Pirbright facility using live viruses in a scenario which mirrors the current events according to Patricia Doyle, PhD.

It is hard to swallow that corporate/government interest would further terrorize an already decimated rural society, but nothing really surprises me anymore from this government.

full article can be read here

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The problem with moving

I really hate renting houses, it sucks big time. I always feel resentful that I am paying for the other guys retirement at my own expense and it is driving me crazy. Actually not being to afford to buy a new house was one of the reasons I had decided to move to Holland in the first place. Maybe I should of done a bit more research as the prices are not that more cheaper there than they are in England.

That isn't exactly true as they are cheaper and they generally look more modern as well. I think it has something to do with he British Architectural traditions in England and their obsession with building in the vernacular...Things have to fit into their surroundings perfectly as if the entire nation of England has been disemboweled, pickled and preserved by a carnival of architectural death cultist. Something is not quite right. The league of gentlemen were right on the mark...

In Holland they are much more progressive, they have prostitutes, coffee shop and everything is much more in the open. Funny how a lot of English architects are held in high esteem in Holland, designing cutting edge urban developments but shunned by their homeland (England). Oh well, if you like to be pickled then England if the place to be...though the pickles are generally Mango, Lime, and Tamarind pickles these days.

Immigration in the UK was another factor for me deciding to leave UK, over the last 15 years I have just seen the UK go down the toilet. They have let in anyone and everyone regardless if they have TB, AID and whatnot. It really is a free for all. I would not mind if it was incompetence, but in fact the longer I stay in the UK I see it in its truth a concerted effort to devalue life in the UK. It is a washout of the gene pool, cultural suicide; capital does not care if cultures disappear or survive only profit returns matter.

Funny how a lot of Multinational corporations threatened to pull advertisements from Facebook upon realising that the British National Party has a presence on facebook. Of course they mind because the policies of the BNP would stop this mindless flow of immigration to UK shores and probably get ride of a lot detritus PC legislation with it. Policies which these companies rely on to reduce wage costs in the UK. Ah penny drops!

Is a shame the direction that the UK has taken, I really love the UK and want to see it do well, but it needs to shake of the political elite which are driving the native population to flee in ever increasing numbers...It makes me sick.

Even more sickening is seeing the increasingly short time I have left here to sort out all my shit...I still have no idea what to do with my bed etc and big furniture pieces. Moving on a tight budget is always risky...It will be an adventure though and I can't wait!

Thursday, 2 August 2007


I really like Hindus and I think they have the right idea. In reality I never really got it in my head about a single God. Why can there not be more than one God? There are more than one universes, there are more than one set of mathematical theories describing creation. There are different aspects of nature, which just don't have any significance if there is only one God. In this regard I feel Hinduism is very good, it brings together many beliefs and houses them under one roof, instead on alienating them(caste system aside).

I am quite interested in religion and for something that I am interested in I know embarrassingly little about it. I really think that the Judo-christian tradition has been harmful and ego-centric in relation to nature. I remember years ago reading Religion and Psycho-analysis by Eric Fromm, which at that time, had a big impact on me. I really do recommend everyone to read it especially born again Christians and Muslims.

The thing I cannot stand with Islam and Christians alike is the fact that they have no respect for culture. They continually undermine what culture was there before. It sickens me when I hear these whining Muslim women defend their right to wear head scarfs and burkkas as a part of their culture. These people have no idea that it is an alien culture which had been forced upon them, like in Bali or Afghanistan for example.

The new battles lines have been drawn in India, Africa and China.

In Roman times this happened, the concept of ta patria existed to maintain customs and beliefs. It is the respect for ancestral traditions. Just as today Globalismation is bent on destroying custom and faiths of so many people around the world. Early-Christians were scorned precisely because they had absconded from their ancestral belief i.e Judaism. Just as Muslims deserted from their Judeo-Christian roots later. They tried to overcome traditions by forcing their own ideas of culture onto everyone and everything, supplanting beliefs and tradition. It is Nazism in reality and is all about the control of your mind. If religion was not important why wage a war for the "hearts and minds" in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What is the value in worshipping a God when you deny the value of everyone elses Gods. Christians and Muslims take note...

Modern times

It is funny really that I have been driven from my own home. I am now officially a refugee. I have been priced out of the UK and it is the governments fault. They have been bent on a policy of driving out the UK indigenous and replacing them with sponging, miscreants from various third world countries like India, China and Somalia. No disrespect to people from these countries, as it has often been said that they are "better citizens than the British", I will forget all the muggings, violent crimes carried out daily on the Birmingham buses buy Somalian....They are such GOOD CITIZENS, oh can you teach me to be so nice....maybe I would not have to be evacuated from my own country then.

What is with blogging that makes me angry?

Anyway, draw deep breath, I live in the happy state of knowing that all great empires come to an end.
No matter when I run to I am sure that increasing prices will eventually take me to Somalia and the world will have truly been turned upside down.

Where I live in the South of England, Oxford to be precise, there is a glut of rich students that seem to inflate the cost of living even for the most basic things. Rent especially is extortionate, you are lucky if you find a place 800 pounds a month for a 2 bed apartment. But that doesn't include bills or taxes etc... So me earning the most money that I have ever earned ever in my short sorry career, has been forced to move over seas.

I was in Holland recently and talking with a girl in a coffee shop told me ' Hey come to Holland, sure you will get a job easily'. So depressed one day in oxford decided to send off a few speculative emails and low and behold I got a job in Holland!!! So Eindhoven is my destination and I have no idea what life will hold for me when I arrive! All I know is that the salary is better than Uk, and things are apparently cheaper than UK...We will see

I really do hope that it will be a positive experience, I used to live in Spain for some time and I really loved the service and cafe culture that they have there. Is a shame that the UK has become such an americanized place but without the service culture of America.