Saturday, 28 July 2007

The problem with the French

The problem with the French is that they are great at so many things but they just can get the layout of a keyboard done properly. Here I am borrowing a laptop from a French,an and all the keys are in the wrong position!!! Worse still if Iwant to use numbers I have to hold down the caps lock. It is a pain, no wonder the French are always complaining!!!

They do make great food though...

Thursday, 26 July 2007

MMR vaccine linked to autism

There is growing evidence that the MMR vaccine given to children are directly linked to the impairing of brain development in children causing autism. The preservative Thiomersal while not present in the MMR vaccine has mercury content of 50%. Evidence is mounting that the MMR vaccine can provide the 'trigger', when taken with other vaccines which do contain the Thiomersal preservative, to start symptoms associated with autism. This preservative has also been linked to the increase in bowel cancer in subjects that have taken MMR vaccine.

This beggars belief that we are using known dangerous substances to inoculate our children with. I am not against vaccines in general if they are proven to be safe and do not contain dangerous chemicals which are known to retard development and cause illness.

While the European Agency for the Evaluation of Mediacal Products(EMEA) has issued extreme caution in using these ingredients in vaccines at least 10 current vaccines in the UK contain this deadly preservative. The EMEA has also said in no uncertain terms that no vaccines for toddlers and infants should contain Thiomersal due to their dangerous effects(none of which has been covered in UK media). Despite this the government continues to poison our future generations but pumping them with known dangerous substances.

Shambo saga continues

A reprieve for Shambo, this morning at 8 o'clock government officials that arrived to take Shambo away to be slaughtered were refused entry to the temple by more than 100 protesters. The officials did not have a search warrant and the temple guards were within their rights to deny access to Shambo.

Government officials said:

"We are monitoring the situation at Skanda Vale very carefully this morning and are very concerned that the bullock may be getting distressed by the noise and activity around him.

"Our concern has always been to minimise distress to the animal throughout this sensitive operation. We appeal to the community and the media to facilitate this by allowing our staff to get on with their work."

Is this government official on Prozac or something, they are there to take this animal away and to slaughter it - that is about as distressing as you can get. I really think this cow is used to humans activity around it, religious ceremonies and noises associated with that. "Distressed by the noise and activity", these fools are there to kill the beast. Furthermore they are appealing to the protester and media to HELP them get on with their lovely 'work'. Do they feel guilty or something?

Anyway I looked on the Shambo cam today and it has been turned off, probably y government officials so they can get on with their ''work'' out of the public gaze when the day does arrive.

Bad weather - Bad mood

Looking out of the window at the so called "Great British Summertime" I feel like bursting into tears. There is very little great about it and should be re-branded to something which doesn't give such big expectation in the local population. We are just building ourselves up for a fall.

Like many people in this country I am fortunate to have travelled quite extensively. During my university days I used to live in Spain, in a region called Murcia, there they have a great summertime, not to be confused with the Great British summer which doesn't have anything great about it at all.

I used to work in a butchers shop which was a great experience and also as a barman in a very annoying English pub - which I didn't like at all...was awful in fact. I really did learn that I am a terrible barman. The thing I love about Spain are the people they are such a fantastic lot. It must have something to do with the weather as they are always out and about and laughing and talking (normally between cigarettes).
It is their way of life perhaps, I don't think you can put it down to just a Mediterranean culture as I am sure someplace in Eastern Europe have a similar way of life e.g. Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia(Slavic country still!), and so forth. I am still sure that they have a better cafe culture in Iceland than in the UK.

After coming back recently from Spain I was thinking about how wonderful it was, in the height of the tourist season and in one of the most expensive Costa's in Spain to be able to order 2 plates of tapas(ternera and lomo), one a beef stew and the other was a very nice pork dish along with 3 coffees and a bottle of water with a basket of bread. 7 Euros.


I come back to the 'Great Satan,,,I mean Britain' and they don't even sell stuff like that in a cafe, probably due to Health and Safety reasons. Instead we are offered pizzas, which are generally some poor bread stick with melted cheese on top which look as if they are embarrassed to be on sale normally £2, other food which I cannot get the strength to talk about because it is too depressing to think of and also coffee that tastes like is is either far too milky and served in Bucket mugs or watered down burnt variety that scolds the mouth instantly and normally served in polystyrene cups that keep the molten contents too hot for far too long.

Pass me a shotgun please, ever seen 'Falling Down' the movie?

I think we have to change our culture folks we are paying for these things and we deserve some sort of service. Fair is fair. I would hate to see how much the simple but great tapas would cost in this country - they would probably sell less good things under the name of Tapas in some rip off Tapas bar in the west end.

Anyway Bad weather, bad mood...I will just sit here and breathe and think of when I will get back to Spain...

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Shambolic - The sad case of Sambo

Shambo has been sentenced to death. The sacred Hindu cow was diagnosed with bovine TB and under UK law must be put down to prevent the infection from spreading. It seems ridiculous to me that the government cannot ship Shambo out to India to give him a reprieve from execution and thus not offending the Hindu gods. Maybe the flooding in England will start running red with blood if this sacred beast is killed.

There should be some sort of compromise, I mean this cow is isolated from the surrounding area really and there is no contact with other cows. Why do they have to put him down? Just ship him to India, but the government in all its heavy handedness always knows best and must be obeyed.

The government really does not have any respect for anything these days whether it be freedom, liberty, or religion. Hindu cows are slaughtered, Muslims are locked up, people are being fingerprinted and retina scanned in our airports.

Poor Shambo, he really is a true representation and symbol of life. Sacrificed just like our way of life by a government bent on total control.

See Shambo here

In earlier days sacrifice was meant to bring people closer to the nature around us but this slaughter devoid of any religious implications is set to destroy our link to society at all, like Margret thatcher claiming there is no such thing as society. This is not just the death of Shambo but of England itself...

The problem with gadgets

I really do not like gadgets, they make me feel like an idiot. I don't even like televisions as there never seems to be anything of any interest on the television box these days. I used to think that buying clothes was bad, I always seem to buy clothes that do not suit me, doesn't help with the endless amount of arrogant pushy types that pollute televisions these days dictating fashion. No wonder I am falling apart at the seems and cut the power cord to the television set.

Things seem to have moved on since then, it seems that mobile phones have replaced clothes for the fashionazis. Damn, I always buy the wrong model it seems. When ever I buy a mobile phone a friend comes around with what seems to be an infinitely 'better' model. Well I have resigned myself to being one step behind everyone else.

What is the point of gadgets? There is no point, they are supposed to make life easier. For me it seems they just make my life unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I just have worked a lot with gadget people in my career, for example, 'I can synchronise my email to my Linux running PDA and check my emails even before I get through my front door via my wireless connection'

You moron the corporates will have you working 24 hours next.

Anyway I opted out of the circulation of signs and signifiers (or tried) a long time ago, and I nurse my in-ability to see gadgets as essential and indispensable with the thought that the housing market will crash...

First Blog

An auspicious occasion as I put finger to key or is that pen to paper and make my debut in, the already saturated with too much content, blogosphere.

Is this the so called man-made global warming the politician are pushing for? A lot of hot air I say.

I am not sure how I acutally got this blog up and running as I was trying to run mysql and apache and so forth but that just seemed to be like a lot of hard work. I guess that is the risk we are all exposed from geekism and geekist in general. They do run the world.