Wednesday, 25 July 2007

First Blog

An auspicious occasion as I put finger to key or is that pen to paper and make my debut in, the already saturated with too much content, blogosphere.

Is this the so called man-made global warming the politician are pushing for? A lot of hot air I say.

I am not sure how I acutally got this blog up and running as I was trying to run mysql and apache and so forth but that just seemed to be like a lot of hard work. I guess that is the risk we are all exposed from geekism and geekist in general. They do run the world.

1 comment:

Katka said...

Hi John, I have just read your blogs as promised. I have learned some new things about you (butcher, barman) etc. :))

I like to talking to you - you already know that. I wish you success in writing more blogs, until you become a real "professional" ;)

Looking forward to meeting you in person, K :)