Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The problem with gadgets

I really do not like gadgets, they make me feel like an idiot. I don't even like televisions as there never seems to be anything of any interest on the television box these days. I used to think that buying clothes was bad, I always seem to buy clothes that do not suit me, doesn't help with the endless amount of arrogant pushy types that pollute televisions these days dictating fashion. No wonder I am falling apart at the seems and cut the power cord to the television set.

Things seem to have moved on since then, it seems that mobile phones have replaced clothes for the fashionazis. Damn, I always buy the wrong model it seems. When ever I buy a mobile phone a friend comes around with what seems to be an infinitely 'better' model. Well I have resigned myself to being one step behind everyone else.

What is the point of gadgets? There is no point, they are supposed to make life easier. For me it seems they just make my life unbearable. Don't get me wrong, I just have worked a lot with gadget people in my career, for example, 'I can synchronise my email to my Linux running PDA and check my emails even before I get through my front door via my wireless connection'

You moron the corporates will have you working 24 hours next.

Anyway I opted out of the circulation of signs and signifiers (or tried) a long time ago, and I nurse my in-ability to see gadgets as essential and indispensable with the thought that the housing market will crash...

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