Thursday, 26 July 2007

MMR vaccine linked to autism

There is growing evidence that the MMR vaccine given to children are directly linked to the impairing of brain development in children causing autism. The preservative Thiomersal while not present in the MMR vaccine has mercury content of 50%. Evidence is mounting that the MMR vaccine can provide the 'trigger', when taken with other vaccines which do contain the Thiomersal preservative, to start symptoms associated with autism. This preservative has also been linked to the increase in bowel cancer in subjects that have taken MMR vaccine.

This beggars belief that we are using known dangerous substances to inoculate our children with. I am not against vaccines in general if they are proven to be safe and do not contain dangerous chemicals which are known to retard development and cause illness.

While the European Agency for the Evaluation of Mediacal Products(EMEA) has issued extreme caution in using these ingredients in vaccines at least 10 current vaccines in the UK contain this deadly preservative. The EMEA has also said in no uncertain terms that no vaccines for toddlers and infants should contain Thiomersal due to their dangerous effects(none of which has been covered in UK media). Despite this the government continues to poison our future generations but pumping them with known dangerous substances.

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