Thursday, 26 July 2007

Shambo saga continues

A reprieve for Shambo, this morning at 8 o'clock government officials that arrived to take Shambo away to be slaughtered were refused entry to the temple by more than 100 protesters. The officials did not have a search warrant and the temple guards were within their rights to deny access to Shambo.

Government officials said:

"We are monitoring the situation at Skanda Vale very carefully this morning and are very concerned that the bullock may be getting distressed by the noise and activity around him.

"Our concern has always been to minimise distress to the animal throughout this sensitive operation. We appeal to the community and the media to facilitate this by allowing our staff to get on with their work."

Is this government official on Prozac or something, they are there to take this animal away and to slaughter it - that is about as distressing as you can get. I really think this cow is used to humans activity around it, religious ceremonies and noises associated with that. "Distressed by the noise and activity", these fools are there to kill the beast. Furthermore they are appealing to the protester and media to HELP them get on with their lovely 'work'. Do they feel guilty or something?

Anyway I looked on the Shambo cam today and it has been turned off, probably y government officials so they can get on with their ''work'' out of the public gaze when the day does arrive.


Fidothedog said...

Maybe its a good day to bury bad moo's?

gangeticus said...

I am hoping Shambo is saved.

Fidothedog said...

Just hope that it doesn't cause a tb outbreak that will wipe out the Welsh farming industry.

Miliband rather than passing this onto the Welsh arsembly to resolve, or rather not should have ordered its removal months back.

dii_consentes said...

TB outbreak, the national trend for TB infections is on the rise ... probably due to not testing immgrants entering into the country.