Tuesday, 7 August 2007

The problem with moving

I really hate renting houses, it sucks big time. I always feel resentful that I am paying for the other guys retirement at my own expense and it is driving me crazy. Actually not being to afford to buy a new house was one of the reasons I had decided to move to Holland in the first place. Maybe I should of done a bit more research as the prices are not that more cheaper there than they are in England.

That isn't exactly true as they are cheaper and they generally look more modern as well. I think it has something to do with he British Architectural traditions in England and their obsession with building in the vernacular...Things have to fit into their surroundings perfectly as if the entire nation of England has been disemboweled, pickled and preserved by a carnival of architectural death cultist. Something is not quite right. The league of gentlemen were right on the mark...

In Holland they are much more progressive, they have prostitutes, coffee shop and everything is much more in the open. Funny how a lot of English architects are held in high esteem in Holland, designing cutting edge urban developments but shunned by their homeland (England). Oh well, if you like to be pickled then England if the place to be...though the pickles are generally Mango, Lime, and Tamarind pickles these days.

Immigration in the UK was another factor for me deciding to leave UK, over the last 15 years I have just seen the UK go down the toilet. They have let in anyone and everyone regardless if they have TB, AID and whatnot. It really is a free for all. I would not mind if it was incompetence, but in fact the longer I stay in the UK I see it in its truth a concerted effort to devalue life in the UK. It is a washout of the gene pool, cultural suicide; capital does not care if cultures disappear or survive only profit returns matter.

Funny how a lot of Multinational corporations threatened to pull advertisements from Facebook upon realising that the British National Party has a presence on facebook. Of course they mind because the policies of the BNP would stop this mindless flow of immigration to UK shores and probably get ride of a lot detritus PC legislation with it. Policies which these companies rely on to reduce wage costs in the UK. Ah penny drops!

Is a shame the direction that the UK has taken, I really love the UK and want to see it do well, but it needs to shake of the political elite which are driving the native population to flee in ever increasing numbers...It makes me sick.

Even more sickening is seeing the increasingly short time I have left here to sort out all my shit...I still have no idea what to do with my bed etc and big furniture pieces. Moving on a tight budget is always risky...It will be an adventure though and I can't wait!


The Green Arrow said...

Interesting post and spot on about big business.

Have no fear we will prevail. We must.

Good Luck

dii_consentes said...

Too true Green Arrow, but I fear that I cannot see anyway out of this mess. all three major parties seem to be complicent in this outrage...

People like Alex Jones, who you are probably aware of think it is a concerted effort to impose a world government.

Firstly by flooding America with illeagles (same here in Europe too), so they can lower expectation, liberties and freedoms in a planned effort enforce some sort of Martial Law, Police State.

I know it sounds crazy but I really cannot see any other explanation as to why things are happening like that.
If you take time to look at all the presidential decrees Bush has passed, basically declaring himself dictator, the amnisty bills they are failing to pass through congress - but none the less keep trying(similar to the EU constitution...was rejected but are bringing it via backdoor now).

Increasing Islamisation of Europe, lowering wages, rising inflation!!! The list goes on and on and on and on....


For people that rejoice at this - it isn't something that should be celebrated as increasing liberties and freedoms around the world should be he aim of peoples, not lowering and making into slaves the people of the world...

Calvino (because "calvo" means bald in spanish) said...

Hey John, nice post. My parents just got back from Madiera and apparently it's even the same THERE!!! The locals cannot afford to buy the property or any products as they are all too expensive and the place is being flooded with Russian immigrants who will agree to do the building work (for the tourist trade) on such low wages. Sickening, pathetic, disgusting: these fuckers should be lined up and shot they are an enemy of humanity.

Green Arrow: I'm with you. We'll find a way. We have to. And when we do we'll take those fuckers down that did this to our nations and our way of life.