Sunday, 19 August 2007

absent friends

Haven´t been around, life is hectic at the moment. blogging is a strange game seems to come at you like a shark attack in deep water and then turning away in the last instant leaves you bewildered. Apparently most blogs end in the first couple of weeks so I feel that I am still doing alright, consider I am moving country and all.

Some advice if you are considering moving country don´t have a haphazard way of doing things like me and leave everything until the last moment. it is a real pain but at least I have the consolation of going to a nice hotel room for the first month, rent free...Hotel rooms are not great having stayed in a few for previous work and all. i think it is just the work aspect that detracts from the overall good feeling of being in a hotel and/or normally the shitty locations that these hotels are situated in.

Feel a bit angry right now as i was on an expat forum reading threads about holland and all these UK based do´ gooder wanting to close down these coffee shops. FUCK you you bastards...
un-satiated with screwing up their own country they are moving like a swarm of locusts to the next nearest field to wreck havoc. Wha is wrong with these people. I promise to be the perfect immgrant...whatever that is.

Anyway due to shortage of internet I don´t know when I will get to write again, so hopefully I will have a lot of pent up anger at that stage to write about.

Rerading the news today it seems that Russia is wrattling its sword again. I resurgent Russia!! WOOHOO wonder what that will mean. At least during the cold war they said that the west was the example, the land of free. I wonder if it will be like this in the future round.

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