Thursday, 2 August 2007

Modern times

It is funny really that I have been driven from my own home. I am now officially a refugee. I have been priced out of the UK and it is the governments fault. They have been bent on a policy of driving out the UK indigenous and replacing them with sponging, miscreants from various third world countries like India, China and Somalia. No disrespect to people from these countries, as it has often been said that they are "better citizens than the British", I will forget all the muggings, violent crimes carried out daily on the Birmingham buses buy Somalian....They are such GOOD CITIZENS, oh can you teach me to be so nice....maybe I would not have to be evacuated from my own country then.

What is with blogging that makes me angry?

Anyway, draw deep breath, I live in the happy state of knowing that all great empires come to an end.
No matter when I run to I am sure that increasing prices will eventually take me to Somalia and the world will have truly been turned upside down.

Where I live in the South of England, Oxford to be precise, there is a glut of rich students that seem to inflate the cost of living even for the most basic things. Rent especially is extortionate, you are lucky if you find a place 800 pounds a month for a 2 bed apartment. But that doesn't include bills or taxes etc... So me earning the most money that I have ever earned ever in my short sorry career, has been forced to move over seas.

I was in Holland recently and talking with a girl in a coffee shop told me ' Hey come to Holland, sure you will get a job easily'. So depressed one day in oxford decided to send off a few speculative emails and low and behold I got a job in Holland!!! So Eindhoven is my destination and I have no idea what life will hold for me when I arrive! All I know is that the salary is better than Uk, and things are apparently cheaper than UK...We will see

I really do hope that it will be a positive experience, I used to live in Spain for some time and I really loved the service and cafe culture that they have there. Is a shame that the UK has become such an americanized place but without the service culture of America.

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