Thursday, 2 August 2007


I really like Hindus and I think they have the right idea. In reality I never really got it in my head about a single God. Why can there not be more than one God? There are more than one universes, there are more than one set of mathematical theories describing creation. There are different aspects of nature, which just don't have any significance if there is only one God. In this regard I feel Hinduism is very good, it brings together many beliefs and houses them under one roof, instead on alienating them(caste system aside).

I am quite interested in religion and for something that I am interested in I know embarrassingly little about it. I really think that the Judo-christian tradition has been harmful and ego-centric in relation to nature. I remember years ago reading Religion and Psycho-analysis by Eric Fromm, which at that time, had a big impact on me. I really do recommend everyone to read it especially born again Christians and Muslims.

The thing I cannot stand with Islam and Christians alike is the fact that they have no respect for culture. They continually undermine what culture was there before. It sickens me when I hear these whining Muslim women defend their right to wear head scarfs and burkkas as a part of their culture. These people have no idea that it is an alien culture which had been forced upon them, like in Bali or Afghanistan for example.

The new battles lines have been drawn in India, Africa and China.

In Roman times this happened, the concept of ta patria existed to maintain customs and beliefs. It is the respect for ancestral traditions. Just as today Globalismation is bent on destroying custom and faiths of so many people around the world. Early-Christians were scorned precisely because they had absconded from their ancestral belief i.e Judaism. Just as Muslims deserted from their Judeo-Christian roots later. They tried to overcome traditions by forcing their own ideas of culture onto everyone and everything, supplanting beliefs and tradition. It is Nazism in reality and is all about the control of your mind. If religion was not important why wage a war for the "hearts and minds" in Iraq and Afghanistan?

What is the value in worshipping a God when you deny the value of everyone elses Gods. Christians and Muslims take note...

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